Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Understanding Basic Human Needs Is the Key to Running a Successful Business


All people desire a certain stage of protection, guarantee and of a routine in our lifestyle. This is the base of our most primary behavior: success. It is also how our thoughts aims to keep us in our comfortable area and secure. It is also the most essential purpose why individuals remain in their job (even though they dislike it) because we desire confidence. As the saying goes "The demon you know is better than the demon you don't know." Even though the demon they know now is horrible!

Variety (or uncertainty)

It's a real paradox in lifestyle. We want confidence in our lifestyle and yet we want doubt (i.e. variety). Think about if you stay your like knowing what is occurring next ALL enough time (e.g. who is going to be the next globe cup champion, knowing the finishing in films, same public interactions etc etc), we get BORED! This is also one of the significant factors individuals 'cheat' on their associates, their connection becomes the same day in and day out, everything is foreseen. People want enjoyment in their lifestyle and hence they go try something different (even though it goes against their own values!). It also describes why some wealthy and celebrities shoplifts! Sometimes the most sincere individuals on the globe we know let us down when they are captured taking from us! This informs us a very essential clue:

Human needs sometimes rankings greater than our own principles in life!


Somewhere strong within us, we all want to be essential, acknowledged, exclusive, unique. We want to take a position out, our lifestyle to mean something when we die. This is why when ladies go to a celebration, they don't want to be captured dressed in the same outfit as someone else. In some situations, a lady would not want to be captured dressed in the same outfit TWICE. ( I think this is how the women and sometimes men keep the style industry going. ) This is why the restricted versions of any items expenses twice as much or even more. (think Louis Vuitton once off designs... ) Everyone is willing to pay so much just to be unique!


This primary individual need of connections. We communicate with individuals (or pets) so we presume a connection. Most usually, it is revealed for our need to be liked. And sometimes when individuals cannot get really like, they negotiate to be disliked by others. (being notorious) It is too a type of connection. This is usually revealed by children. IF a kid cannot get their mom's or dad's really like, they negotiate for being sexy to obtain attention. The kid seems linked with their mother and father someway when they are being informed off. This need for connection can also be revealed by grownups. Sometimes we ask ourselves why individuals are in a connection when their associates violations them all enough time (be it actually, psychologically or mentally). The sensation of solitude (no connection) is more agonizing than being in a bad connection. It is also the wanting of confidence that they remain in the connection. Hence, BAD really like is better than NO LOVE at all.

The above 4 needs are the most primary of individual needs. However, sometimes individuals have all the above needs met but they still discover that lifestyle is unsatisfied. This is because they are losing the next 2 primary individual needs. This 2 needs satisfies the spiritual techniques of our lifestyle.


All life in this galaxy adhere to this essential rule: We are either increasing or we are passing away. There is no in-between. Is your connection with your associate growing? If it isn't, it is passing away. Think about that. If everything is the same, we get tired with each other and we develop apart. Hence, we need to increase to sustain the SAME stage of connection. If we keep factors position quo, it slips in reverse. Think about the job you do in your profession, if you are doing the same factor again and again daily, and you do not develop intellectually or get marketed, you weary (lack of wide range too) and soon your attention for the job passes away and your efficiency goes down. Think about you remaining your cash under the bed mattress 20 decades ago, say $100,000. Your cash these days is still value $100,000 these days but can you buy the same value of products as 20 decades ago? No! Rising prices would have consumed your cash away. Hence, you will need to keep spend your cash, to keep it going so it can develop.


Apart causing ourselves and the close relatives, strong within our spirit, we all want to provide rise to this globe one way or the other. We all believe we are here in this globe for the better of others. The philanthropy in our inner-selves desire to be launched.

Here can be found the key of creating many money: If you concentrate on creating more cash, you will never have enough. However, if you concentrate on causing the better of others (and in a huge scale), you will have more cash than ever. Look at all the Gretchen Honda, Bob Tasks, The popular host oprah Winfrey and many other plenty of illustrations. Gretchen Honda desired cost-effective vehicles for everyone so lifestyle becomes better for all. Look at how he became to one of the wealthiest man on the globe.

So now you know what are the primary individual needs, how do you use this to enhance your business?


As described in my previously weblogs, the first concern would be to identify relationship with your clients. Ask a sequence of concerns to determine why is your client here? Are they here for confidence reasons? Or are they looking for wide range by arriving to you? Different company has different items that meet different needs. Some items are able to meet up with several needs.

For example, if you were to perform at a BMW auto dealer and you have a product new M3 that has been launched. Supposing you have recognized that the client has enough resources to buy the car. You may wish to discover out which particular needs that impacts your client. If a client has a need for importance, you may wish to phrase that the M3 is product new and there isn't many of them available on the industry and they will be the jealousy of many. If the client has a need for wide range, tell them how this car is different to the other vehicles they have possessed before.

Staff management:

By knowing the primary individual needs of your group is the key to increasing your company and developing a lengthy lasting connection with your group. It is also the key to sustain your most effective employee.

Ideally if your company satisfies all 6 needs of your group, your group will be satisfied and satisfied. They will go that step further for you. Let me provide you with some examples:

If you have a group who principles confidence greater than the relax of the other needs, the last factor you want to do is to put them into a wide range of perform or modify their perform time from weeks a opportunity to weeks time.

However, if you have a group who principles connection with individuals, they would appreciate when dealing with individuals and clients. Do not determine them to become bookkeepers or information access as they will look for the job unfullfiling.

Generally discussing if your company is able to offer 4 out of the 6 needs of your group, they are usually satisfied. But if you want to take your company to the next stage, you may wish to discover out methods to meet up with the other 2 needs. Your group will go that step further for the company.

Business owners:

This section is for YOU! Is your company satisfying your primary individual needs as a vehicle? If you discover out that your company is no more exciting you or generating you to succeed, there is a very great opportunity it is not conference one or more of your need anymore. Recognize which place it is unable to meet up with you needs and deal with it.

If you are tired with your company because there is no wide range, you may wish to innovate and identify which new items you may be able to promote or offer.

One key place for most entrepreneurs to concentrate on is the capability to play a role. I discover many entrepreneurs who are effective in their company but reduce their attention for it is because they are not causing the group or to the globe. At the end of the day, provided that the company is able to offer for your close relatives members and your expenses, you will need to discover a larger purpose to why your company should are available. This is the key to increasing your company to the next stage.

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